Euphoria Golf Estate & Hydro out of Liquidation

Euphoria Golf Estate & Hydro out of Liquidation

Euphoria Golf Estate & Hydro based in Limpopo has been purchased out of liquidation on the 15th April by Sampada Private Equity. Euphoria becomes the first and currently only black owned golf estate in South Africa.  Through its development, Euphoria will play a meaningful role in directly uplifting and changing the lives of people in Mookgophong and the greater Limpopo.

A further twenty million rand will be immediately invested into the Estate for general upgrades and maintenance. The main operations and estate will thus be closed for three months from the 1st June until the end of August. These refurbishments will take place on the clubhouse, the lodge rooms and all restaurants during this phase. The condition of the golf course will be significantly improved and will remain open for play with a limited half way house service.

The word Euphoria will remain in the name of the Estate although the full name and corporate identity will change. The re-launch is due to take place on the 1st September.

Bafedile Mafologele, CEO of Sampada Private Equity based in Johannesburg, was born and raised in Limpopo and is extremely excited about the purchase. “We see the huge potential in Euphoria growing and developing into one of the best estates in the country.  Through its growth, we are able to directly influence the lives of people, such as securing a bright future for the 30 current staff members at Euphoria.  As we develop and succeed, the Estate will create more and more opportunities and employment for the people of Limpopo and contribute towards uplifting our society.

Our firm targets investments with strong socio-economic benefits while generating sufficient returns for our investors and Euphoria fits perfectly into our investment model!”

Ian Leach, former CEO of Royal JHB & Kensington Golf Club and Euphoria Golf Estate & Hydro, will return as General Manager at Euphoria on the 1st May. Leach will work together with Kea Makoea who is Portfolio Manager at Sampada and recently elected as CEO of Euphoria Golf Estate & Hydro.

Further updates on Euphoria will be released during the next three months. For more information, please contact Kea Makoea on 011 318 0171 or  



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Africa’s Best Golf Tour Operator – AGAIN!

Africa's Best Golf Tour OperatorPlatinum Golf, Tours & Accommodation is has been awarded ‘Africa’s Best Golf Tour Operator 2015’ for the 2nd consecutive year in the World Golf Awards.

The award ceremony was held in the Algarve, Portugal last Saturday, and saw international leaders in golf hospitality taking the stage to accept their awards.  Categories included Best Golf Resort, Best Golf Course, Best Golf Tour Operator, and Best New Golf Course, divided per country and continent.

It is the 2nd year that the World Golf Awards have been held, with the aim to recognize service excellence and outstanding performance in the golf (tourism) industry.  World Golf Awards is a niche award run parallel to the World Travel Awards, which has been running for over 20 years.  Like with the World Travel Awards votes for the World Golf Awards were made by professionals working within the golf travel and tourism industry – senior executives, travel buyers, tour operators, agents and media professionals.  The public (golf tourism consumers) were also invited to vote.

Africa’s Best Golf Course and Africa’s Best Golf Hotel were swept away by the legendary Gary Player Country Club at Sun City and Legend Golf & Safari Resort in the Limpopo respectively.  Ernie Els Design was awarded World’s Golf Course Designer of the Year.

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For more information:


Platinum Golf, Tours & Accommodation

Ypie Kingma, Marketing & Sales

T:            +27 (0)44 384 0087




World Golf Awards:

Christopher Frost, Managing Director

T:            +44 (0)20 7925 0000




November 9, 2015

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Travelling to South Africa with under 18’s

Although travelling with minors may always have been challenge in itself, the South African government has per the 1st of June 2015 issued new rules as to what documentation is needed for these kids to enter South Africa.

Cape Town Tourism has kindly allowed us to share their very informative infographic (just click on it to enlarge):

Travelling to South Africa with under 18's




Why is the government changing the child laws?TOP

South African immigration authorities have noted that there is an unacceptably high volume of child trafficking over the country’s borders. The new laws aim to curb child trafficking but will result in considerable paperwork and advanced planning when travelling to and from South Africa with children.

When do the new laws come into effect?TOP

1 June 2015

Who does this affect?TOP

Anyone wanting to travel from or to South Africa with a child under the age of 18 years, parents who are travelling with their child but not their spouse and those who wish to send their child on a trip accompanied by someone other than a parent. Also if the child will be travelling alone.

What will we need?TOP

All children under the age of 18 leaving and entering South Africa will be required to have an unabridged birth certificate to accompany their passport.

What is an Unabridged Birth Certificate?TOP

It’s a birth certificate that reflects the particulars of both parents of the child.
All children born in South Africa after 14 March 2013 were issued with a valid unabridged birth certificate automatically and free of charge.
Everyone born before that, and those from countries who do not automatically issue unabridged certificates, must apply for the document well before their travel date.

Do I need an unabridged birth certificate to travel around within South Africa?TOP

No, but it will be required at all border controls by land, sea and air.

What about birth certificates which are not in English?TOP

Should the birth certificate be in any language other than English, it must be translated into English in a sworn document by an authority in the country of origin.

There is no such thing as an unabridged birth certificate in our country, what must we do?TOP

In the case of countries that do not issue unabridged birth certificates, a letter to this effect issued by the competent authority of the foreign country should be produced.

My child is adopted so our names are not on her birth certificate, what should I do?TOP

The parents of adopted children should produce proof of adoption by means of an adoption certificate.

I am travelling with my child but not my spouse, do I need anything else?TOP

If the child is travelling with only one of their parents, the traveller parent will be required to provide a passport and unabridged birth certificate (with particulars of the parents), as well as an affidavit stating that they have documentation from the other parent of the child to say that the child is permitted to travel. The parent will also be required to produce a court order giving the accompanying parent full parental responsibility. These documents may not be older than 12 weeks.
Legally separated parents should provide a court order when the other parent does not give consent.

My husband has passed away, what will I need in lieu of his consent?TOP

Should one of the parents be deceased, a death certificate must be produced.

My child is going on holiday with her aunt, what do we need to prepare?TOP

If a child is travelling with someone other than a parent, additional documents to be presented will include an affidavit from the parents or legal guardian to state that the child is allowed to travel with that person, the contact details of the parents or legal guardian and copies of the identity documents and passwords of the parents or legal guardian.
Where both the parents of the child are deceased and the child is travelling with a relative, the Director-General must approve such a person to enter into or depart from the Republic with said child. This affidavit may not be older than 3 months, dating from the date of travel.

My 17 year old son is going to spend a holiday with relatives in South Africa, he is flying alone, what do I need to do to?TOP

An unaccompanied child requires a passport, unabridged birth certificate (with particulars of parents), affidavit or court order signed by both parents or legal guardian stating that the child has their permission to travel, as well as their contact details. In addition, certified copies of the identity document or passport of the person the child is staying with in the destination, as well as a letter from the person receiving the child (to include contact details and physical addresses) is required.

I want to send a child who is in alternative care in South Africa on an overseas programme. What do I need?TOP

A child who is in alternative care should produce a certified copy of an authorisation letter from the Provincial Head of the Department of Social Development where the child resides on departing South Africa.

How to go about obtaining an unabridged birth certificate in South Africa?TOP

Parents are advised to apply for an unabridged birth certificate well in advance as the process may take months (the indicated time is between 3 and 8 weeks).
Apply at any branch of Home Affairs bringing:
- R 75 in cash
- Parent’s ID book, both parents ID numbers as well as the child’s ID number

You will be given forms to fill in.

What are the exceptions to the rule?TOP

On a school tour, one letter from the school principle will suffice as permission for the children to travel without their parents and in a school group.
Children on a ‘cruise-to-nowhere’. This is when a cruise ship travels returns to the same destination it departed from.

For more information

Contact South African Home Affairs for more:
To speak to someone call +27 (0)11 461 9252 (overseas callers), 0800 60 11 90 (within SA), or email

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Let’s make every day Mandela Day!

Let’s make every day Mandela Day!

Today would have been Nelson Mandela’s 97th birthday.  Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, or ‘Madiba’ as he is affectionately known, may not be here anymore in person, but it is heartwarming to see how he lives on in everybody’s lives.

To commemorate the 67 years Mandela has fought for social justice, Mandela Day is actually a global call to action to recognize that each individual has the power to change the world into a better place, the ability to make an impact. The Mandela Day campaign message is: “Nelson Mandela has fought for social justice for 67 years. We’re asking you to start with 67 minutes.”

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.  It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead” – Nelson Mandela

Mandela Day was recognized in a declaration by the United Nations General Assembly.

If you go to Mandela Day’s website ( there is an overview of things you could do, activities you could join, or just general ideas of what you can do to make this world a better place.

If you happen to be in New York City this month, you can join in the festivities for the whole month!  New York is celebrating the birth of Nelson Mandela with a series of volunteer opportunities in New York City during the month of July which are jointly being coordinated by South African Tourism and the South African Consulate General.

Mandela will be commemorated with a schedule of events created in the spirit of Mandela’s leadership in inspiring community service and initiatives for positive change.

Now should you – literally – wish to follow in Mandela’s footsteps and visit South Africa, you may want to familiarize yourself with some iconic places which either had a big influence in Mandela’s life, or which commemorate to this date the great man that Mandela was.  There is a – what we here would call – ‘lekker’ app available in both the App Store as well as on Google Play: it is called Madiba’s Journey and takes you to Madiba-inspired tourist attractions and points-of-interest across South Africa.  Interesting to read and listen to before you get here, or handy to have available once you are here.

One of our latest posts on the Platinum Golf, Tours & Accommodation Google Plus page had the link to a virtual tour of Robben Island.  Again, well worth a visit and most realistic – should you not be able to visit in person…

Now let’s all go out and make this world a better place!  Let’s make every day a Mandela Day!


#MandelaDay #time2serve

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South Africa well represented at The Open 2015

Eight South Africans have qualified for the 2015 Open Championship!  They are Ernie Els, Louis Oosthuizen, Charl Schwartzel, Thomas Aiken, Branden Grace, George Coetzee, Retief Goosen and Jaco Van Zyl.  As I write this the 2nd round has yet again been suspended early this morning, due to high winds.  But at this point Branden Grace – after a great first day – sits in 25th position on -3, Retief Goosen and Charl Swartzel are tied 9th on 6 and Louis Oosthuizen is tied 4th on -7.

Louis Oosthuizen

Louis Oosthuizen winning The Open 2010.

‘King Louis’ as he is affectionately known, hails from Mosselbay, on the Garden Route, best known for the Pinnacle Point golf course.  He was runner-up in the 2012 Masters Tournament and the 2015 U.S. Open.  But he is here to defend his 2010 Open Championship.  Will he be able to hold the Claret Jug again this year?

Charl Schwartzel is currently playing on the PGA Tour, European Tour, and the Sunshine Tour.  He has won one major title which was the Masters in 2011.  He was born in Johannesburg, and when he is not playing on the tours, he resides in Pretoria, in the commercial heart of our country.  Most of our visitors land in neighboring Johannesburg, only to catch their next flight to the coast, or to get into their rental vehicle and move away from the Big City to visit the Big Five.  But actually Gauteng has some nice golfing experiences on offer as well….

Retief Goosen who was in the top ten in the Official World Golf Ranking for over 250 weeks between 2001 and 2007. Must admit, I did not know this either, but came across this ‘fun fact’ about ‘the Goose’ when surfing the next.  He was born in the Limpopo province, and although that is known by most visitors because of the Kruger National Park, again there are some fabulous golf courses in this part of the country! The Legend Golf & Safari Resort – with its famous ‘Extreme 19th’ – is probably the most well-known, alongside the Leopard Creek Golf Course, which for years has been the No. 1 golf course in South Africa.

Last but not least I want to mention Branden Grace.  He was born in Pretoria, but spent a lot of time on the Garden Route, where his parents still reside.  He was selected and later on graduated at the Ernie Els and Fancourt Foundation, which recognizes and helps nurture the careers of young golfers. He is still being sponsored by Fancourt, which is home to The Links at Fancourt, the current No.1 golf course in South Africa. Branden plays on both the European Tour and Sunshine Tour and in 2012 he became the first player in the history of the European Tour to win his first four European Tour events in the same year.

We wish all ‘our’ gents the best of luck! And fly that South African flag high!

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