Winelands & Overberg

Summertime in the CapeWinelands is a celebration of health and beauty, a time to enjoy the good things in life. Kick off your journey of self-rejuvenation with a visit to the world-class wellness centres and spas for the best treatments or try more unconventional methods and visit a Sangoma, a traditional healer, who will use their age-old expertise to heal your ailments with traditional herbal remedies or throw the bones to foretell your fortune.

Summer in the Cape Winelands is also synonymous with harvest season and for the freshest locally grown produce and homemade products visit the wonderful farm stalls and packing co-op´s.  Exciting activities such as berry, cherry, grape and other fruit picking tours can be enjoyed at various fruit farms.  As the name suggests, the Cape Winelands is the largest wine producing region in theWestern Cape.  With a selection of over 200 cellars to choose from, you are guaranteed to taste some of the finest wines in the world. Experience the rich historical and cultural heritage while visiting quaint villages and vibrant townships, outdoor museums and galleries, open-air theatres and outdoor art and craft exhibitions. For the more adventurous visitor, there are activities such as game viewing on one of our game reserves, canoeing, 4×4 trails, horse-back safaris, hiking, mountain biking, rock pool swimming, abseiling and kloofing.

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