Terms & Conditions


Please take a moment to read the terms and conditions.  We offer services by accredited service providers that include tailor-made itineraries, travel consultation services, bookings and reservations, logistics and related co-ordination.  Everything to assure a trouble free holiday!
All arrangements made by Platinum Golf for you the ‘participant’ through our ‘suppliers’ are subject to the following terms and conditions.  If you book a service(s) through Platinum Golf, you acknowledge acceptance of these terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them.


Platinum Golf does not operate or own any of the venues, accommodation or operators for the programs that we offer.  The contract for the services we arrange is between participants and the supplier.  While we have taken all necessary measures to ensure that the services we offer are organized properly, and that venues and services are reputable and of a good standard, any disputes or issues regarding participation in a service(s), are the responsibility of the participant.  As the agent, we will do our best to resolve any issues between you and the supplier.
Neither Platinum Golf, nor their representatives can or will be held liable or responsible for problems, cancellations, or for any injury, damage, accident, loss, delay, expense or other issue because of any act or default of any of our suppliers, nor due to war or threat of war, terrorism or threat of terrorism, civil unrest or threat of civil unrest, act of government or civil authorities, sickness, theft, fire, adverse weather conditions, or any other cause beyond the control of a supplier, or Platinum Golf.

Group discounts are available for groups of 12 people or more.  A group is sixteen (16) persons or more who arrive together, travel together and depart together.  A Group benefits from group rates.  Members of a group who arrive after the core group or who break away to do something different from the group, do so at their own cost.  They will not be refunded for not participating with whatever activity the group has booked for the day in question.  Discounts vary depending on the size of your group and the time of year you travel.  The discounts may include free accommodation and meals, a free tour, gifts from local artisans and manufacturers etc.  Ask us about discounts available for your group.


Any dietary requirements, physical or mental disability etc. requiring special attention or provisions must be noted in writing to Platinum Golf at the time of booking.  While Platinum Golf will ensure that all suppliers meets the special requirements by the participant, we cannot be held liable for any problems experienced by the participant as a result of these requirements, or for any additional costs to meet these special requirements.


It’s important that you take precautions against malaria prior to the commencement of your holiday if you plan to visit malaria area(s).  We recommend that you contact your doctor, pharmacist or travel advisory clinic for advice on the malaria areas and as to which prophylactic is recommended.  It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that medical professionals they deal with are using up to date information.  Medical practitioners who do not routinely deal with malaria and/or yellow fever may be relying on out of date information.

Air Tickets

Platinum Golf cannot be held responsible should airlines discontinue flights on certain routings or change scheduled timetables resulting in missed connections.  Should an amendment in routing or itinerary be necessary, additional costs incurred, if any, will be borne by the participant(s) and not by Platinum Golf.

Visas & Passports

It is important that you thoroughly check your visa requirements before your intended date of travel, as Platinum Golf cannot be held responsible should necessary visa requirements not be fulfilled.  All visitors to South Africa are required by law to have a minimum of two blank pages in their passport to enable the entry visa to be issued.  If there is insufficient space in the passport, entry may be denied and the person is likely to be detained pending return to their country of origin.

Travel Insurance

Don’t leave home without it!  We advise you to arrange travel insurance to book a service(s) and participants agree to have it.  Such insurance should cover full medical expenses, personal baggage, personal accident, accidental loss or damage to property, cancellation and curtailment of a service(s) due to any reason, personal liability, legal expenses and emergency.

All guests are strongly advised to take out comprehensive travel insurance covering them for personal effects, personal accident, medical and emergency travel expenses, cancellation and curtailment as the booking will be subject to cancellation penalties as detailed below.

Payments & Bookings

Prices are always quoted in South African Rands for services in South Africa, and in US Dollars for certain services in other Southern African countries.  Participants agree on the price in Rands or US Dollars and pay in Rands or USA Dollars accordingly, regardless of fluctuations in the exchange rates.   Prices for services include items as stated on our detailed itineraries.   Advertised prices are subject to change without notice.   However, payment of a deposit for a service(s) booking confirms the price at the time of booking, even if the price later increases.


We require a non-refundable deposit for all services booked with us.  Upon receipt by Platinum Golf of the deposit the reservations will be confirmed.  The deposit is 20% of the total service(s).  If a booking is made less than 60 days prior to the start of a service(s), the full amount is payable at the time of booking.

Balance of Payment

The balance of payment is due 60 days prior to the start of the service(s).  If the participant fails to pay the balance due, Platinum Golf reserves the right to cancel the reservations made and keep the deposit paid.

Method of Payment

We accept the following payment methods: all bank transfers and Euro, Master or VISA credit cards.  Confirmation of your booking is made when we receive your deposit, either when our bank receives your bank transfer, or your credit card is authorized and we hold the funds.  If payment is made by bank transfer, you are responsible for any bank charges.  As we operate in a multi-currency environment, please note that there can be one or two currency conversions in the process of booking a service(s).  All payment must be made in full and free of any bank charges.


There are two types of cancellation: those made by Platinum Golf or a supplier, and those made by participants for any reason.  Platinum Golf and its suppliers reserve the right to modify an itinerary or cancel a service(s) prior to commencement, for whatever reason, including an insufficient number of participants.  If a service(s) is cancelled or our suppliers are unable to provide the services booked, participants are due a refund.  Because the contract for the service(s) is between the participant and supplier, the supplier is responsible and liable for refund of payments made to the supplier, whether by Platinum Golf or the participant directly.  We will refund certain payments collected by Platinum Golf but not yet submitted to the supplier.  As an agent, we cannot be held responsible or liable for recovery of a participant’s payments held by a supplier.  If you make the cancellation, it must be made via e-mail, fax or post to Platinum Golf in writing and will become effective upon acknowledgment of receipt by Platinum Golf.

Cancellation outside 45 days will result in a loss of deposit.  Cancellation at 45 days or less will incur a cancellation fee of 100% of total cost.

Platinum Golf reserves the right to cancel all services booked by Platinum Golf should full payment not be received prior to arrival.  For short lead-time bookings, Platinum Golf would allow for 7 days from time of confirmation until payment reaches us before Platinum Golf would cancel any services booked.

Last updated: October 21, 2011